“They say my new boss is really hard to get along with,” I am ented to my friend, Peggy.

“Maybe I should start to look for another job. You know how I don’t like working under pressure.”  “Wait and give him a chance,” Peggy urged. “My students thought I was difficult when I first began teaching.

They didn’t know that I was only scared. All it took was a few kind words to turn me around . “Turn  you around…?” “Yes, Peggy explained.

“The father of one of my pupils really saved me. He said,  ‘ Your explaining about ten being the building block for larger numbers made quite an impression on my son. Now David is already piling them up!

You’re a great teacher and I thank you.'”

“How nice of him,” I said. “And then…?”

“I positively glowed. My self-confidence returned and I was no longer difficult.” Peggy smiled. “Maybe all your new boss needs is a boost like that.

Try and see what happens. “I took her advice.

I greeted my new supervisor with warmth and words of welcome and, like good seed sown in good ground, in due time those words bore the fruit of respect and friendship.

Frequently the opportunity arises in our lives when we are called upon to turn a potentially unpleasant situation around — and all it might take is a smile and a single word of kindness.

Across the gateway of my heart I wrote “No Thoroughfare”, But love came laughing by, and cried : “I enter everywhere”
chicken soup for the soul – Doris Haase




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