Are You Cold, Mother?

On a heavy snowy day in winter, two men walked along a valley. After trudging for one whole day, they came to a grave. The grave was covered with thick snow. The tombstone looked very simple. The older man said to the young man, “This is your mother’s grave…” The young man knelt down in the snow.

This story took place 20 years ago. At that time the most intense fighting had occurred here. In order from losing the war all the soldiers had reinforced. Among these was a soldier called Wilson . The strong offense of the enemy had made the forces retreat ., Wilson had headed forwarded in the snow with the troops in front of him.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a baby’s cry, which came from a hole in the snow. Wilson dug into the snow, and was immediately shocked by what he had seen. In a mother’s arms, the infant was crying aloud. What was even more shocking was the mother was naked. It turned out that when the mother carried her baby to take refuge .

They were trapped in this valley by the heavy snow. In order to save her baby, the mother had wrapped all her clothes around the child whilst holding him tightly in her arms. Though the mother had been dead, the baby in her arms had survived. Wilson was deeply moved by such an unexpected scene. He buried the mother and held the crying baby to pursue the troops.

After the war, he adopted this child and took him to the United States to bring up. When the child grew up, Wilson told him what happened that year and took him to the valley to look for his mother. Kneeling at the grave, the young man burst into tears.

After a while, the young man started to clean the snow on the grave. After cleaning the snow around, he undressed his clothes, covered the grave, threw himself on the grave and spoke out the words concealed in his heart for long, “Mom, how cold you were for so many years!”


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