7 rules for a stress-free life

Banish negatives and beat stress with tips from Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey
His life may look easy and breezy, but Matthew McConaughey has to stuff
as much crap into his 24-hour sack as you do. “I’ve a lot of responsibilities and I love accomplishing goals and marking things off my bucket list,” he says. “But things do get overwhelming.” He has fi gured out a few ways to eliminate negatives like anger, impatience and wasted effort. The results are clear.

  1. See eye-to-eye with your job
    “The situation can never be greater than you are,” he says. “If it is, you’re never going to be able to engage and give your full talent, because you’re not looking at it eye-to-eye.”
  2. Learn the sneaky workout
    McConaughey has those days, too: no exercise time. He compensates with active bursts throughout the day. “I’ll drop and give myself 20 pushups at intervals. Also I have a 5.5kg medicine ball. I’ll think, pick up the medicine ball and don’t put it down for 30 minutes.”
  3. Customise your to-do list
    “I’ll put fun things on my list to give me more things to cross off,” he says. “Like, ‘surf for an hour’. When you get to the one near the bottom and it says, ‘Watch Monday Night football’, it’s like, yeah!”
  4. Adopt a simple philosophy
    Some of life’s biggest stressors are the remains of self-destructive things you do. “I don’t like to leave crumbs,” he says. “I like to do things right, and not cheat to get ’em done. I don’t owe anybody anything. I never go anywhere and worry, ‘Oh ****, so-and-so’s here.'”
  5. Insulate yourself
    McConaughey explains with a metaphor: “I like to create my own weather so then I can blow in the wind. If you’ve got positive, likeminded
    people around you, then your systems are in place. I don’t have to be looking over my shoulder. I can just blow in the wind.”
  6. Know what you don’t know
    Fighting to prove you know something when you don’t wastes time and sucks energy. “‘I don’t know’ can be perceived as a weakness, but I see it as a sign of intelligence. How else will you learn something new?” he asks.
  7. Schedule the pleasure, too
    How much pleasure do you really allow yourself to have every day? “You have to be more fl exible and enjoy things. Lighten up! It’s your lifestyle, not your life.”



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