Vitamins and Minerals for Beautiful Hair

Vitamin and mineral deficiency can influence your hair detrimentally. No hair repair complexes, masks and other external influence won’t be effective if your health status is not good. If you have impoverished hair, think about your organism condition. As usually hair health problem keep pace with some diseases or hormonal changes (pregnancy, as a general rule). The most significant for hair are usually digestive organ and liver diseases.

Vitamin deficiency is also important for hair loss or slipping hair. To get healthy chevelure, you need silicium, zinc, iodine, magnesium, selenium, copper. The only one component deficiency can lead to hair loss. The necessary vitamins are: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin В group. You also won’t have healthy hair with hypoferremia and hypokalemia.

So talking of healthy hair should be started with the necessary vitamin and mineral complexes description. As usual you may take pharmaceutical preparations for skin, nail and hair. Take care! Always read the supplement with all your eyes. Some of these complexes contain an overmuch vitamin A dose. Remember the necessary dose for a woman is 700 mg\day.

Source ; Dr.George


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