Hair Conditioning Tips

First of all, hair conditioning is its moistening. But hair conditioner has sleeking and repairing functions except of moisturizing. Hair conditioner value is not only in the fact that after using it we have well-groomed, shining hair that do not get tangled, but in the fact that it restores the hair, moisturizes and protects it from harmful environment as well. What should we know about the hair conditioner for using it with maximum benefit for the hair?

  • Any type of hair needs conditioning. Even greasy hair requires moisturizing.
  • There is no need to keep normal hair conditioning on hair because it is not a mask. Conditioning substance must stay on hair surface but not penetrate inside it.
  • In contrast to conventional conditioner, intensive conditioner should not just being hold on the hair during the time specified in the instructions, it is better to wear a plastic hat or a plastic bag, and cover the head with towel.
  • Intensive conditioners (whey) can moisturize the hair more deeply, but you cannot use them oftener than once per two weeks.
  • If it is indicated on the vial with hair conditioner that it needs to be washed off, do not keep it on the hair. The conditioner not being washed could not prevent your hair from overdrying with hairdryer, but could make it heavier, so it becomes greasy very quickly.
  • Those people commit an error that apply hair conditioner only at the hair tips and do not wash it off, trying to cure splitting tips. Regular using of hair conditioner is capable to prevent the emergence of splitting tips, but the conditioner is not able to cure them.
  • Indelible conditioners that can be applied on dry hair are produced as sprays. You should not simply splash hair conditioner on your hair but distribute it with your hands along the hair in the direction from roots to tips, allegedly smoothing your locks. Another portion of the hair conditioner should be applied to your hair tips.

Algorithm of hair conditioning:

  1. Wash your head with shampoo, then gently wring out your hair or blot it with towel and then apply the conditioner.
  2. Air-conditioner is designed to moisturize the hair only, so do not apply it on hair roots, and of course do not rub it into head skin.
  3. After applying the conditioner, do not forget to comb your hair and distribute it evenly on your hair.
  4. For better work of hair conditioner, you should wash it off properly with cool water


Source ; Dr.George


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