Recipe for love

  • Some people say that there is no recipe for love.
  • What works in your relationship may not work for others in their relationships.
  • Some people believe that with proper affection and a good old honest nature, you have all that you need for that perfect recipe of love.
  • What ingredients make a perfect love cake?
  • There may not even be such a thing as the perfect romance, but you may as well try stirring and you may just cook one up.
  • You can start your night of romance with a dinner that will get the evening off to a great start.
  • Prepare your partner’s favorite entrees to show that you were listening on that very first date.
  • The recipe for love, if one exists, may not be found in your ordinary, every day cookbook though.
  • Good food does equal good fun.
  • Relationships do require more than that for lift off and everlasting survival.
  • For those that have been in long term relationships they will need more than a baked chicken to spice things up.
  • Recipes for that perfect love that last a long time have something in common.
  • Communication is priority number one.
  • Whether you are pleased or upset with your partner, talk about your feelings.
  • Let them not what is in your heart and in your head whenever you feel it.
  • Better to say it then have him read your mind.
  • Therefore, you have got on your love apron and are ready to bake in the kitchen of love.
  • This is your first step to that relationship that you always wanted.
  • Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and meet people.
  • Find someone who you enjoy the company of and just maybe that spark of interest will create a fire in your heart and a flame that will continue to burn long after that first date.
  • You can now enjoy a cooking partner for life.


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