Many ascriptions in society that to look after tooth only require to be done with just toothbrush. Ascription like this can be correct, but earning wrong also, mean do not with just toothbrush. All important here is not about of true and false, but how society understand benefit from each element supporting conservancy or prevention of tooth’s damage. Among existing element is fluor substance which in tooth paste, used every day when brushing tooth. This substance has vital important function in prevention of tooth’s damage.

  • What Fluor is? Fluor is one of the substances which in certain quantity there is freely in natures (like ground, water, and food-stuff like fish, bread, etc).
  • Does fluor which implied in the food have last for preventing damage of tooth? If we are regularly eat food with enough content of fluor, hence the mentioned can prevent damage of tooth was without having to added with special fluor.

But because we do not have a line on the content, hence passing tooth paste also will follow to assist prevention of damage of tooth, besides hygiene, freshness and fragrance, so that add to feel self confidence. This substance has vital importance for the conservancy of tooth so that remain to health, especially for children, because with amount of fluor consumed will be able to assist forming of tooth enamel that more hold up to damage. Also, fluor useful preventing tooth from process of spoiled.

Actually, fluor can be used through 2 way, that is passing direct contact with tooth, like nut with special fluor condensation (like of fluoridation program for student, wearing tooth paste considering fluor, dabbing fluor to tooth directly done by dentist) and pass ingestion by drinking water or milk, use flour tablet or flour drop.

Actually, fluor in drinking water is very useful for many people and very effective in prevention of damage of tooth, especially for child which in growth progress.

“Fluor is not to heal tooth which have destroyed, but strengthening tooth endurance to influence of acidity causing holey tooth”

Is flour dangerous?
All substances when used abundant or not quite hence will cause problem or dangerous for health. Like also fluor to cause:

  1. Damage at tooth in the form of change on tooth color becoming not white anymore like healthy tooth but becoming to turn pale and blur and tooth colors become dark and bitterly. That process referred as fluorosis. Fluorosis do not earn to be cured, but if the sign known earlier can be prevented so that is not continue anymore
  2. Excess of the fluor also will destroy bone, resulting to feel super pain for bone and at most fatal effect can result paralysis
  3. This matter also can cause anemia, tooth become spot or pock and dangerous which is very can cause kidney failure.

The mentioned above is good question, how people know that tooth paste circulating has enough of fluor’s content and how about our drinking water? As we know that government has had all rules in making all product types used by society.

If it is true obeyed, hence the mentioned is not a problem. But we needing also to take heed possibility of negligence existence of officer. In this case all tooth paste products have under observation at processing, so that all paste can be used and just depended in feeling, and aroma of him. So do with our Drinking water.(Jimmy)


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