Osteoporosis Recognized, Then Avoid

Penulis: Drg. James Johnson, MPH
Osteoporosis come from word of osteo with the meaning bone, porous mean bar. Osteoporosis is disease marked by the decreases of mass and bone mineral so that cause the condition of bone become brittle, porous and breakable. First time hear word of osteoporosis, possible many questions pop out in our mind. Do I can be hit? How his sign? Whosever able to be hit? How to prevent?

Osteoporosis is not new matter for us, but still many people who not yet understood cause and prevention of him. At fact that happened in this time, osteoporosis not again property of old people but also them which is have young age too. It can be prevented altered indisposed life style (badly eat pattern, low physical activity, alcohol consumption and smoking), enough for sunshine and enough for calcium input which is adjusted for each age.

As effect of lack of everyday physical activity done by children until adult, and also the lack consume of calcium, so density of bone become to lower until the happening of osteoporosis. Bone is organ which always change and experience of renewal (remodeling).

The renewal process started with absorption process of bone mass (resorpsi), and then continued by re-filling gap process that happened at bone (formation). Unhappily, increased happened of age also change of its process, where process of resorpsi occur abundant without followed by enough formation process. As result, bones become attenuate and brittle.

At early stadium osteoporosis do not give real indication, we earn to distrust if there is feeling pain in undercarriage back, there is high curtailment of body. Effect of weak backbone, hence will easy to fall and burst, which is common indication the happening of osteoporosis. Part of body which is gristle broken is neck area, thigh jetty, backbone and around] wrist.


  • Less physical activity and sport
  • Experiencing of menopause quickly (praecox)
  • Habitual of smoking / drink of alcohol
  • Under normal weight of body / less nutrient
  • Have history of osteoporosis in family
  • Have used steroid medicines during long times, or use drug of antitiroid redundantly.
  • Fatness / obesities.

Is it correct that woman more susceptible?
Woman in age 0-35 year, if she follows healthy life pattern, the body will make more bone mass deposit than bone mass that absorbent by his body. But starting age 35 year, intake of bone mass become a more regular, while depository of bone mass just remain.

At the moment entering age 35 year, bone density of woman decrease 0.5% – 1% in every year. After entering a period of menopause, where hormone rate of estrogen significantly decreased, woman can lose 2%-3% bone mass in every year and that take place during 10 years in early days of menopause. Estimated during the life, woman will lose bone mass 30% – 50%, while man only 20% – 30%. But it is not mean, that all woman with menopause will experience of osteoporosis. Density of bone, factor of nutrition, and physical activity have very big influence.

Calcium is tight of bearing with health of bone, because this mineral which make bone. 90 % of calcium in body kept in tooth and bone, the rest spread over in blood and soft network. Suggested mean of calcium in Indonesia is 500-800 mg per people, for day. For old age and woman with menopause, suggested until 1000 mg / day.

Every day better have never overcome to drink milk, besides the content of salutary, strength of bone will well guaranteed until old age. Soy bean is one of good food which able to pursue osteoporosis. Combining to consume of calcium with sport can preserve from the attack of osteoporosis. Appearances remain to sturdy, nimble and energetic over 20 – 30 year come.

Sport is one of the ‘weapon’ to overcome osteopeni (flimsy of bone) and osteoporosis (bone porously). Physical practice in forming of strong and healthy bone will respond to accepted burden. Regularly doing encumber sport like foot steps, cycling, jogging, dance, tennis / badminton or go up down stair. And better combine also with flexing practice and balance.

Everyday Physical Activity
Doing healthy life pattern can start since awaking up morning. Momentary after awaking up morning, use opportunity intentionally for have simple sport in house yard about 10 – 15 minutes. If usually alight from vehicle is precise ahead of office, from now used to go down about 200 meter before office. Or if bringing own vehicle, parked the vehicle in place most far from entrance, continuing journey by foot.
Things required to paid attention by patient of osteoporosis when have sport:

  1. Avoid burden in front of body Bringing burden in front of body can dangerous, because will encumber backbone to cause broken caused by pressure
  2. Avoid stomach muscles practices Example: Sit – up do not be suggested because can cause compression fracture.
  3. Avoid practice entangling backbone Example: stooped forwards from position sit or stand up facilitated the happening of compression fracture.

Enough get morning sunshine shelf as source of vitamin D at least 10 minute along, especially between at the time of 06.00 – 09.00. Better, body which hit by sunshine do not protect by sun screen and long arm clothes, so that forming of vitamin D do not blocked. If Sunshine shelf is not enough yet, its can be assisted by drinking vitamin D supplement with dose 400 – 800 IU.



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