Take Care Of Your Heart For The Future

Penulis: Drg. James Johnson, MPH
Heart sickness is one of the Disease Not Catching (PTM) which high is enough from year to year that cause death of human being in this time. And patient age of this disease is young progressively, if is above 40 years old, but now under 40 year old. This disease is caused by life style besides other factor. With progress of technology this time, hence a lot of diseases that is resulting, among others is Disease Not Catching (PTM).

How heart sickness can regarding someone?

We require knowing that heart organ is appliance pump in our body to channel blood to entire our body every day, passing venous which is on body. If these pump stuck or annoyed hence will fatal result for other body organ and result paralysis until death. If us less take care of our behavior in everyday hence possibility there is something that cause venous wall coat stuff up or damage so that venous become to narrow and will facilitate gagging. As a result blood will difficult emit a stream of at ease.

And muscle of heart less gets food supply in the form of oxygen and blood. This matter that is often marked felt pain in bone at chest, especially used up do activity. Its can also marked with chest felt to depress or like crushed, accompanied out of breath. Sometime followed to feel heat in chest until of liver. Can also accompanied by head float, cool sweat, queasy, and throw up. And most complicating of heart attack do not typically, body felt unpleasant like catching a cold habit. Above require taking heed immediately consultancy with cardiologist doctor or to hospital to get information or help utilize further prevention.

Which factor can cause him?

  • Clan factor.
  • Pattern of eat in everyday: food every day plenty of influencing health’s of heart, like food which containing many fats, fiber-less and fruit. Because food which containing many fats will be able to result the easiness of pursuing blood stream, besides also will cause fat hoard at heart muscle so that bother heart movement. While fruit or fiber can lessen cholesterol rate.
  • Smoking: as we know smoke very dangerous for lung and heart and also other body organ.
  • Less sport or regularly physical activity. Lack of sport regularly or do minimum physical activity about 30 minute will result excess of calorie in body so that castaway do not pass combustion. This matter will cause conglomeration of fat in body so that influence heart motion in pumping blood, so that many organs less oxygen.
  • Other disease, like high blood pressure and diabetic. Stress: stress which often, can cause badly for the health of heart, where will be able to race harder heart activity.

How to prevent?
If we pity with our heart hence we have to Dressy of Healthy Life everyday, that is by:

  • Eat by well-balanced menu of nutrition (protein, carbohydrate, many fiber and fruits, lessening fat and salt), Enough of physical practice and sport regularly (minimum physical activity 30 minute every day),
  • Controlling stress,
  • Do not smoke or avoid becoming passive smoker,
  • Avoid drink have alcohol, dangerous drug, narcotic,
  • Doing inspection of health regularly, especially when have progressively or feel to have symptom like above.

Healthy Life Style Tips

  • Consciousness eat by well-balanced menu of nutrition and many fibers and also fruit.
  • No smoking.
  • Lives consecutively, rest enough, lessening stress.
  • Start everyday activity with physical activity or sport (minimum 30 minute).
  • Inculcating self-confidence every doing work.

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