Nutrient and Health Promotion

Health with well-balanced nutrient is represent as one of the condition of food menu which is good to be accompanied with vegetables and fruit and can also added with flesh which do not contain fish or fat and also fresh beverage of juice and lessen fat and sugar.

Besides eating with well-balanced nutrient added with eating vegetables and fruits nor smoke, doing physical activity regularly every day for minimize 30 minute, avoid to drink alcoholic beverage, and take care of body weight lessened eating many foods considering fat and avoid eating snack or eat in between eat session. This matter can avoid danger with heart and cancer.

From result of Survey Health of Household (SKRT 2001) among resident for 25 year and upstairs indicating that 27% men and 29% woman suffer hypertension, 0,3% experiencing of heart sickness of ischemic and stroke, 1,2% experiencing of diabetes and 1,3% men and 4,6% woman experiencing of body overweight. Cancerous is 6% that cause of death in Indonesia. Disease of cardiovascular as cause of death have mounted from 11th (year 1972) becoming 3rd (year 1986) and become cause of first death in the year 1992,1995 and 2001.

Health Department through Center of Health Promotion has started to do breakthrough that require to be done by preventive effort and tackling have the disease made comprehensive strategy and policy concerning some related element. So that in the year 2003 published policy and inwrought strategy for the prevention and tackling of un-infect disease.

Caused by very close relation between status of nutrient, health degree and diet, hence require to be done by promotion which do well by ate with well-balanced nutrient with many eating fruits and fibers in society, family and each individual for every day.

Smoking and Health Promotion

Tobacco or cigarette is riskiest matter for health of human being. Cigarette widely has come to one that cause biggest death in the world. Anticipated till nearing year 2030 death of effect smoke will reach 10 million people per year. So far, epidemic smoke have happened in developed countries.

And in the year 2030 as estimated not less than 70 % of death, which because of cigarette will happen in developing countries. Indonesia is one of the developing countries owning consumption smoke and high production of cigarette. Product variation and price of smoke in Indonesia have caused Indonesia become one of the producer and at the same time as biggest cigarette consumer in the world.

According to World Bank, consumption of smoke in Indonesia are around 6,6% from entire world consumption. Result Of Susenas (Social Survey of Economics National) 2001 mentioning that:

  • 27% citizen have age to 10 year and above express to smoke in one last month.
  • 54,5% citizen of men is smoker and only 1,2% woman which smoking.
  • There is improvement equal to 4 % of citizen above 10 year which smoking in range of time 6 year.
  • 92,0% from smoker express the habit of smoking in home with other household member, thereby most household members are passive smoker.
  • 68,5% resident start to smoke at age 20 year, mounting 8% from Susenas 1995 that is 60,0%.
  • Improvement of young age which smoke, age group 25-29 year (75%) and age group 20-24 year (84,0%).

Cigarette become especial issue in influencing health, especially for laboring people with young children like teacher, coach etc. From the data above, in fact we have earned to see that more and more underage children have smoked and progressively day progressively mount.

For that, need to always improved for Area Without Cigarette Programs in schools and do counseling and spreading of information, and also added by policy of school concerning enjoinment about smoke in school area. Smoke is one of the very difficult addiction discontinue him.

There is a success people desist to smoke without serious effort, this matter generated with very strong intention. People that have smoked to suggest people to which not yet smoked for don’t try if do not want get a problem. Advantage of people desisting to smoke, that is: In 20 minute blood pressure will downhill, pulse go down to become normally, body temperature will become normal return.


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