5 Times on Day with Colors

The death of about 2.7 millions world citizen in every year caused by his insufficient consume of fruits and vegetables. This low consume make it come into 10 big causing factor of death in the world.

It is proven, that consuming vegetable and fruit in abundance help to prevent a large amount of disease conversely, pushing remains to look after of health well. In Indonesia, there are a few societies that less consumes it. This matter influenced by local culture, and others factor like difference of diet program, and so do with other specific local food with different nutrient of each.

Various chronic diseases not only monopolize developed countries society. This time, in developing countries and impecunious, there was progressively increase having such disease.

Urbanization played very big role to the change. Urban community tends to consume food with solid energy, high saturated fat content and carbohydrate. Sudden change in the food menu in combination with life style that means expand its physical activity, triggering drastic effect.

There are reasons why some society group do not want to consume vegetable and fruit, for example is expensive, fresh, and stigma feel factor. So far, in the entire world, the lower to consume both source have contribution 31 % to heart ishaemic and 11 % stroke. WHO also estimate existence contribution about 5 – 12 % to all kinds of cancer, specifically digestion channel cancers contribute 20-30 %.

Why important?
The increasing of chronic un-disease, either in impecunious and also developed countries, some have caused by decreasing in the physical activity and abundant energy food consume. WHO was reckon almost 3 million world citizen death every year because the effect of the disease. A definition that is much similar with tobacco consumption and behavior of unsafe sex which causing death.

The problem so modestly, all that related which is not abundance his consume of fruits and vegetables. The twice of source food is full of the mineral and vitamin, it’s serve a large amount of important function in body. Of course, sufficient of fiber will help to release dangerous substance from body and degrade level of blood cholesterol.

Benefit of each vitamin:
Vitamin A: Keep health of eye and improve resilience of body to disease infection, sharing to improve function of nerve and muscle.

Vitamin B: Essential to food conversion become energy for body, also significant lessen birth handicapped risk to baby and prevent disease.

Vitamin C: Purpose strong anti-oxidant which can protect cell from cancer cause agent, and peculiarly able to improve body absorption for calcium (mineral for bone and dentition) and ferrum from other food-stuff. Especially to ferrum, if its resources very low in body can cause anemia which in this time a lot of people were suffered.

Colors as the key
Consume various food very suggested by all hygienist and nutrients, because eating of assorted different vegetable and fruit will push to ascertain accomplishment of requirement of nutrition to everyone.
Of course, perhaps it is not simply eating a lot of fruit and vegetable, but more important is eat which each different color. The reason is, because difference color of fruits and vegetable tend to different combination of nutrition and phyto-chemicals, each giving separate function for body health. More over color in eating progressively make healthy our diet.

The lost obtained
In consequence of trouble from heaviest nutrition in the world is handicap born, growth of physical and bounce tardy, weakness of body immune system, blindness, and even death. It’s because of less vitamins and the mineral diet program. Can be said that the lower absorption of fruits and vegetable is biggest contributor factor for the deficiencies.


Source : Promo kesehatan


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