Happiness is just a Mind Set..!!

oleh: Cahyo Sukaryo

Few weeks ago, I once said to a dear friend of mine (hey, girl! You know that it is YOU that I’m talking about..wink2!:p), that
“..Happiness is just a Mind Set..”

I also remember of how that dear friend directly gave her objection about that line, and challenged me to give my arguments.

Yet I know that my explanation wasn’t satisfied you; not that day, even not until today. So here it is; another fun-forwarding article, not written by me. But just hoping that it could give you another road sign during your journey toward the lights. Signs on OUR own journeys.

Happiness, I believe, is truly something that we have decided since the very beginning of the journey. It doesn’t depend on someone else, nor to something else. It does depend on you, and you alone. It comes from your very own existence in this fragile planet earth; on what you do for yourself, on what you share with everyone, on your legacy for the memories left behind.

Live your life to its fullest, and find the silver lightning in

possible ways. For 4JJI would never give us His test that goes beyond our capability to handle nor to overcome it. For there would be, and MUST be something behind it; that 4JJI wants us to have, or to achieve, or even to become. Be it by our own strength and willingness, be it in our time or His own time, and definetely by His rachiim.

Be brave for whatever life may throw itself at you. Enjoy it as further as you can. Welcoming the pain, and feel it; for it would not stay forever. Be reminded that only from our pain and misery, we can learn and feel what it means to be human. And believe in 4JJI, still. Believing that it’s just another plan of Him for us.

Thanks to you who have gave deposit to my Bank of Memories. Right now, I’m saving it. For
THAT dear friend of mine, have a GREAT brand new journey on your own. And have a nice weekend to you all!




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