Change the cycle!

Are you still excited about the New Year?!!! I know I am. This is the year I get Higher and Closer to My Dreams. This is the year of Endless Possibilities. This is the year of Success. Do you want to come along on  this ride? It’s free and it’s open for all who desire and believe. Are you going to be one of the ones who have a year of blissfulness? Or will you be one of the ones who will complain and continue to find fault in others and in things that are out of your control—doing nothing to change your ways for the better? The choice is up to you, you know.

No one is going to step up to the plate and force you to make a better life. You have to do that for yourself. The other day I was standing in front of my store and a guy who appeared to be homeless stepped up to me and asked if I could spare some change, he knew I was the owner. I gave him a few thousands Rp (Indonesian currency, it’s too much enough for this) and struck up a conversation with him. I thought I would share some positive information with him and do you know what? He got offensive and told me to leave him alone.

He said he LIKED his life just the way it was and walked away from me—angry. (He did take the money though.) I thought that was a bit strange—not that he took the money but, how could he like a life where whether or not he ate depended on whether or not someone else gave him a few money.

But, hey, as my mother use to say, “to each his own”. Personally, I don’t believe he likes his life. I do believe that HE believes that there is nothing he could do about it and he has lived that way for so long that he simply has adapted to the life style and sees it as normal. All of his friends are probably in the same situation that he is in and they too have adapted and accepted it as a way of life.

What about you? What have you adapted as a way of life that is allowing you to live below your means or your standards? Perhaps you have adapted to a job or a career that is below your standards, where, deep inside of you, you know that you deserve better. But you stay because it’s comfortable or because all of your friends hate their job too, so it seems normal to you.

Or may be you are in a relationship that you know is not good for you, or for your best interest, but you stay because it’s normal and all of your friends are in relationships that are similar to yours. Their partners are cheating on them, or their partners are treating them badly, too. So, hey, it must be normal.

Maybe your financial situation isn’t what you hoped it would be, but you have been broke for so long that you think it is normal and all of your friends are broke too, so you are OK where you are at—borrowing from Iskandar (former President of FSA-JNU) to pay Salmah (Indonesian embassy family member) and barely making it to your next pay day.

You do know that is not the way it is supposed to be, don’t you? You do know that the reason you are in that boat is because you have developed certain habits that allow you to remain in that boat, don’t you? You do realize that the reason all of your friends are in the same boat that you are in is because like attracts like (the Universal Law of Attraction) and therefore the people that you attract to yourself will be like-minded and their spirits will be aligned with yours.

It is not that it is normal. It is that you have MADE it normal by your thinking, your behaving and your believing. You believe that this is the only job or type of job that you can get. So, therefore, it IS the only job or type of job you can get.

You believe that this is the only partner you can have and that any one else will probably treat you the same way so you might as well stay with this person because at least you are familiar with this person—their habits and their ways. Besides, who has time to train someone else to put up with your stuff?

You believe that you will never be able to afford the lifestyle that you desire so you continue to live the lifestyle that you are living. You know that you came from a family of broke people so what makes you so special that you can break the cycle? Ahmad, your father made on his small bussiness only Rp10000 an hour. You are making Rp20000 so you are making double what he made. What makes you think you can make more?

People, I am here to tell you that you are a prisoner of your thoughts and beliefs. Learn to change those thoughts and beliefs, and you will change your LIFE.

This is a new year. Break the cycle.
Break the chains that held you back for the past a year. If you were to think back on your life the past a year, are you in a better place, or are you in the same place, or even worse, are you in a worse place than you were a year ago?

Just because you didn’t have last year, doesn’t mean you can’t have this year.
Just because you were in a crummy relationship last year, doesn’t mean you have to be in one this year.
Just because you were in a job that you hated last year, doesn’t mean you have to be in one this year.

Break the chain. Change the cycle.
The other day in my home (Indonesia), I wasn’t feeling well so I spent most of my day in bed watching TV. I found movie on local TV channel, the movie “50 First Dates”, my favourite movie. Have you ever seen that movie? If not, it’s a movie starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

Drew’s character was in a car accident, which caused her to lose her short-term memory. She could remember everything that happened up until the point of her accident. But she cannot retain any information after she goes to sleep at night. So each morning, she wakes up, with no memory of what happened the day before.

That is what you will have to do with your bad habits. Well, not quite that dramatic. But if you can do that to a certain extent—completely wipe your conscious clean of all of your bad habits and replace them with new, positive and empowering thoughts and beliefs, you will be able to completely change your life and design it the way you desire it.

You can do that you know? You have the power to do it. God has given us the ability to do that. You can start right now. No more excuses. Let’s do it. This year, let’s get higher and higher and closer to our dreams. I’m down. Are you?


Wipe your slate clean. Don’t think about what has been happening in the past with your life. Think only of the things that you desire for the future. Keep your thoughts on positive, empowering things. Believe that you can have it and you will. Make this the year that you start to BELIEVE. Believe in yourself. Believe that God is with you at all times and with him all things are possible. Believe that this is the year where you will get higher and closer to your dreams.



F a c h i m


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