Handycam Tips:

  • Tapes should not be left in camcorders when they are not in use.
  • The tape may develop creases because of the way it is wrapped around the drum that reads the tape. These creases may cause recording and playback problems.
  • The tape may also stick to the drum.
  • Do not put a really cold video tape into your camcorder.
  • Moisture from the warmer air tends to condense on the tape (just like it fogs your glasses when you come inside in winter), and that moisture can cause the tape to stick to the spinning drum.
  • The tape will get wrapped around the drum, destroying the tape and possibly damaging the video heads.
  • Batteries should not be left on camcorders that are not in use.
  • Some cameras draw a small, but constant, current even when turned off.
  • Purchase “memory free” camcorder batteries when replacing old batteries.
  • This style battery allows you to use the battery for short periods of time, and recharge it without developing a situation in which the battery will only charge for short term use.
  • Do not leave camcorder tapes in a hot car.
  • Do not put labels on camcorder tapes where they may interfere with the opening of the tape door.
  • This may cause the tape to jam in the camera.
  • We recommend that a technician clean the tape heads when they get dirty.

This will help preserve the life of the heads.



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