Why BreasCancer is Dangerous for life and how it will recoved?

Each year, more than 5,000 women in Michigan discover they have breast cancer. In fact,one out of every 10 women will develop breast cancer at some time in her life.

After initial
treatment, most of these women are able to continue living normal,productive lives. This booklet will help you better understand breast cancer The main function of female breasts is to produce milk. Each of your breasts has 15 to 20 sections, called lobes, that are arranged like the petals of treatments are.

Do you about breast cancer, do you know about seriousness of cancer
First of all, remember that breast cancer is a treatable disease.

There are four kinds of treatment. One or more of these may be used for you depending upon what you need and want. The four ways of treating breast cancer are:

  1. Surgery (Removing the cancer with an operation.)
  2. Radiation therapy (Killing the cancer cells with special x-rays.)
  3. Chemotherapy (Killing the cancer cells with drugs.)
  4. Hormone therapy (Stopping the cells from growing with hormone drugs.)

Each of these four treatments is described in more detail later in this document. Your doctor should tell you what kind of breast cancer you have and the stage it is in (that is, if it has spread and, if so, how far it has spread).

Some breast cancer can be treated in several different ways, and you may have a choice of treatments. If your doctor tells you that you do have a choice, you should take time to decide which treatment you would prefer.

Unfortunately, some breast cancer can only be treated in one, specific way, so not all persons have a choice of treatment. Before making any decision or starting any treatment, you may wish to talk with each doctor who may be giving you a particular type of treatment:

A surgeon removes breast cancer with an operation. A radiation oncologist gives breast cancer patients special x-rays to kill their cancer cells. A medical oncologist treats breast cancer patients, including selecting the drugs that can be used to kill their cancer cells or stop their cancer cells from growing.

A plastic surgeon rebuilds the breasts after an operation.
You have a right to get a second opinion from another doctor if you wish. You also may wish to participate in a clinical trial of a new or potentially improved treatment, and you should ask your doctor about these options if you are interested.




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