AIDS the Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is the most serious stage of theHIVdisease which causes severe damage to the immune system. As per surveys there are about 41million people in the world affected by AIDS and 25 million deaths .The incidence is increasing day by day.

AIDS is caused by human immuno deficiency virus, HIV, which attacks the immune system in the human-body, particularly lymphocytes. HIV is transmitted mainly by unprotected extra marital sexual contacts (90%) oral,vaginal,analsex, semen, vaginal secretion with HIV infected persons,blood transmission infected with HIV contaminated needles, breast milk of HIV affected women

AIDS is not transmitted by hugging, kissing, food,water,mosquito bites, coughing, sneezing, common public toilets and by moving with HIV affected persons.

The symptoms of AIDS are diarrhoea, prolonged fever, weight loss, herpes zoster infection, continuous cough, tuberculosis etc

The following pathological blood tests are required for confirmation of HIV positive/ negative status.

  1. 1,HIVA test
  2. immune fluorescent assay(IFA)
  3. Enzyme linked immuno sorbet assay (EISAkit)
  4. particle agglutination test(PAT)
  5. radio immuno precipitation assay(RIPA)
  6. western blot test
  7. polymerise chain reaction (pcr)

HIV POSITIVE ASYMPTOMS period. The person is said to be positive for HIV anti bodies without symptoms. This stage may last for 2 to 4 years. HIV POSITIVE SYMPTOMATIC. Person gets symptoms Like, fever, diarrhoea, skin diseases, this lasts for 2to 3years.

AIDS stage. a person affected reaches this stage usually 5to 10 years after the entry of HIV. This is the onset of secondary stage.


  1. Use disposable syringes and needles only.
  2. practice safe sex (with condoms)
  3. use safe HIV tested blood transfusion.
  4. get treatment for sexually transmitted diseases immediately.
  5. avoid extra marital relations with other women.
  6. pregnant mothers,if affeceted,should be given prompt treatment to protect the child fromHIV infection.
  7. Promote safe injecting practices. Change of life style.

Once a person is found to be HIV positive he should adopt healthy life style. Think positively, accepting the existing condition of health. Develop healthy living hobbies. Maintain moral values, be easy going. Adopt flexible mentality and adjust to the situation. Respect the other gender, cope with the spouse.

As a matter of fact there is no proper complete cure or vaccine for prevention of AIDS. Therefore effort should be on prevention of further transmission and reduction of fatal effects of disease. the only Protection available to society lies with social vaccine of EDUCATION of this subject.People should properly be made aware of its causes, symptoms,Transmission and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

There are so many myths-beliefs about AIDS. People are not aware of their sero-status and there fore can easily affect others un knowingly. We need to create awareness among people related to different issues related to HIV/AIDS.

However the medication is essential to minimise the the impact against HIV,with the advise of medical officer. Medication helps keep the CD4cell counts in the normal range or raise if they are too low. Resist other infections, reduce transmission oh HIV to others.

Proper counselling by HIV health care Professional and by a social worker Of HIVcommunity is is essential before commencement of treatment. Antiretroviral (ARV) medications are available today. Some of the following medications,by generic name, are being prescribed by Medical officers.

Aptivus (tipranamair), Crixivan (indinavir),Epzicom (abacavir/3tc kivexa) Norvir (ritonavir), Sustiva, Viread etc. All these medicines are to be used strictly on the advice of qualified Medical officer.

The general side effects of HIV medicines are gastro intestinal problems, immune reconstruction syndrome, hyper sensitivity reaction, medical related liver problems,bone problems, women –specific general Problems, fever, rash, vomiting, Nusea, headache, peripheral neuropathy etc.

There are alternative therapies like traditional Chinese medicine, sidha medicine,herbal medicine, homeopathy,ayurveda,yoga, acupuncture etc which are proved to be helpful in the reduction of ailment,though complete cure is yet to be established,They help as complementary treatment.

Here let us know some thing about homeopathy treatment of AIDS. Although no therapy can or will help every HIV person or every one with aids, homeopathy is trying to help people at various stages of the diseases. it requires proper diagnosing the root cause by M D or D O.Preliminary results testified the reduction to Immunostimulatory rate by homeopathic Medicines in HIV infection.

Some noted doctors claim that they have successfully treated the HIV/AIDs cases with following homeopathic medicines. Amyle nitricum-30c,Azadiracta indica-6x etc taken as medical globule. Some other alter native therapies can also be tried for the reduction of impact ofAIDS.

Research is going on in advanced countries To find out appropriate vaccine and medicine for prevention and cure of this dread full disease. The American scientists have found calcium Modulating cyclophilis ligan protein (CAML) cell, which they claim help prevent release of hiv virus and work as natural antivirus setup. We earnestly hope such type of inventions will help prevent/cure AIDS soon and come to the rescue of AIDS affected persons.

In the meanwhile it is the social and moral responsibility of each and every person to bring awareness among all persons from falling victims to the HIV virus and cooperate with the victims of AIDS to help minimise their ailment.


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